Monday, June 1, 2015

Detangling Brush Review

I have four girls who hate to have their hair brushed. I received the ‪#‎SHSH‬ detangling brush. It's bristles are colorful and squiggly.

It even comes with a cute mirror on the back. My girls thought it was adorable so much so that they were willing to brush their own hair without me even asking.

My next to youngest had bad bed hair that morning and her hair for sure needed a good brushing. We ran the brush through about four times and all the tangles are gone. She also didn't cry or complain at all which is unusual for her. The brush also comes with a product guarantee so you never have to worry about any problems with it. A great brush that got my girls to brush their own hair, got the tangles out quickly, and didn't pull or hurt my kids while it was being used makes me one happy mamma.

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