Thursday, December 31, 2015 Review

What better way to deck out your phone than with a custom skin? With you can do just that! You can create a custom skin out of a photo of your loved ones or something that you favor, or you can get a pre-made skin of something that you just think is adorable. They have anywhere from phone cases to skins, etc. There are so many different things and the products are very durable and easy to apply. I will however, mention that sometimes, it's a bit tricky to apply them straight. It fit my iPad mini 2 perfectly!

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Salted Review

Have you ever wanted to take cooking classes, but never had the time to actually go to a class and interact? Well now you don't have to worry, you can join the Salted community and learn all sorts of new tips and tricks from the comfort of your own home. You can learn plenty of new cuisines to add to your list of things you can make. Simply watch a video from one of the best teachers on the planet and you are ready to roll. With step by step instructions you can make it a hands on experience if you have all the stuff you need in order to follow along. If you are like me, this would be your best option. They have different difficulty levels to label each of the video tutorials as well. There are videos as simple as assembling the perfect s'more, cleaning muscles, shucking oysters, and even dehydrating foods, as well as many more. There are skills, recipes, chefs and courses within the program. Sign up now and you can receive a free 30 day trial. Click here for more information